Aerial Drone Photography and Video Content – Real Estate Specialists

Firstly, we are fully registered, qualified and insured drone pilots and we take the safety aspects of flying Aerial Unmanned Vehicles (UAVs) very seriously. We provide aerial drone photography for both video and still images – outdoors and indoors where the space permits. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’d be delighted to provide you with a quote. Drone video, either as a standalone video, or used in conjunction with still photographs and video content, can bring an entirely new perspective to a subject and it is probably the most engaging form of video when it comes to real estate marketing. We understand this opportunity and leverage the drone’s ability to find new, interesting and unique aspects of a property.

Residential Property


Please contact us for a chat about your project. Drone photography requires careful planning to ensure safety requirements are met. It is also prone to the weather and we are not able to fly in rain, snow or windy conditions. Should any of these conditions occur, we may have to postpone appointments at late notice. Although this can be frustrating for all concerned, we operate a “safety first” policy.


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